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Izīrē mājas - brīvdienu mājiņas Svencelē pie Kuršu jomas - 1

Atjaunots 2024. gada 13. Marts

The complex of individual houses "Svencelės Namai" offers you rest in four houses of different architecture and amenities, which are located in a corner of nature of amazing beauty, right in front of the Dead Dunes. Here you will be able to enjoy the peace, realize your hobbies, discover nature and get acquainted with the history of Lithuania Minor. Whether you are inside or walking or cycling in the surroundings, you will enjoy the breathtaking views, enjoy the surroundings, the comfort of home and the cozy tranquility right on the shores of the Curonian Lagoon.
It is a rest and a place that will inspire your dreams, soothe your soul.


Already known as the Venice of Lithuania, Svencelė is becoming an exceptional place both for its geographical location and the variety of entertainment.

Sailing in the Curonian Lagoon, Wilhelm Canal, Minija, Dreverna or the Nemunas, you will visit Kintai, Šturmai Lighthouse, Ventė Cape, Mingė, Rusnė, mix the whole Nemunas Delta Regional Park, you will reach Juodkrante or Nida.

Here you can travel by car, and even better - just rent a yacht or a boat, on waterways, routes that will leave an indelible impression.

The most famous is located not only in Lithuania, but also a few hundred meters away
throughout the Northern European region, change the spots where you can learn
power kiting and windsurfing and electric windsurfing.

Nearby, three kilometers away, only 15 minutes by bike or half an hour walk, there is a cozy fishing village of Dreverna and a port with a pier, boats, paddles, water bikes for rent, a sauna. Dreverna also has a restaurant and bar.
There is a 15-meter-high observation tower with unique views of the surrounding area.

Just a few hundred meters away, the Meat Lovers restaurant, open during the summer season, will taste delicious coffee and a delicious meal, watching dozens and sometimes even hundreds of kites and sails.

During the summer season, a regular passenger ferry runs from Dreverna Port to Juodkrante.
Therefore, after enjoying a holiday in Svencelė, you can spend the day by the sea, reach Pervalka, Preila, Nida or Smiltyne by bicycle, bus or taxi from Juodkrante, and return to spend the night back to your home in Svencelė.

A green forest, a private beach and colorful power kites flying in the distance. Lovers of peace will be able to enjoy nature, and the rest will be able to go kite-surfing, fishing or pleasure boat trips.

You can easily get to Juodkrante, Drevern, Venta, Nida and other coastal attractions. Dreverna is 2.5 km away and Juodkrante is 9 km away (by ferry).

The home environment is beautiful all year round. The peace of nature, the most beautiful sunsets in the world, which you can watch directly from the terrace or the shore of the Curonian Lagoon with a view of the Dead Dunes.

Each of the cottages will welcome you with its cozy unique interiors and distinctive environment. The houses are for vacationers of all budgets.

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Svencelės g. 20, Svencelė, Klaipēdas rajons, Lietuva Karte
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