Šventoji (Palanga) - family seaside resort at the Baltic sea, Lithuania

Briefly about the Šventoji

Šventoji is a small resort town on the Baltic coast on the Šventoji river. Administratively it belongs to the municipality of Palanga. From Palanga resort center it's about 12km away to the north. Earlier this place was a fishing village, which over time developed into a port, and later became a small resort town.

The area is characterized by a maritime climate : mostly mild, but occasionally chilly winds, frequent rain, so vacationers come to Šventoji in warmest and driest summer months - July and August.

It is one of the quieter and cheaper Lithuanian seaside resorts, so it is favourite among students and families with children. Although the resort is open all year, very few vacationers come in fall, spring or winter. Šventoji has only about two thousand permanent residents.

The biggest advantage of this resort village - most of the accommodation is very close to the sea, just a few hundred meters from the dunes, so natural, soft, white sand beach is within walking distance of 5 - 15 minutes.


The most popular accommodation options at this resort - small wooden houses and rooms for rent in a private house. Living conditions in private homes are usually similar, individual rooms, which have usually electric kettle, small fridge and a bed included. Other amenities - common to several rooms. Cottage offers are very diverse: some of them have just beds and all the amenities - general  (to use them you may have to pay an extra fee), but you can rent and a very well furnished house with all the amenities, the latest home appliances, private patio and outdoor furniture.

Room rates in simple private homes and cottages is about 5-10 Euro per person. Better homes, hotel rooms and a half of the house, newly furnished apartment for rent in Šventoji cost about 15-100 euros per day. You can rent luxury apartments, luxuriously furnished cottages - you will pay about 150-200 euros per day.

Not far from the central streets of Šventoji there is a camping site, where you can stay with your tent for less than 5 euros per day.

Infrastructure, Leisure and Entertainment

The main streets of Šventoji - Kopų and Jūros (Dune and Sea) streets are full of cafes, bars, night clubs and small shops where you can buy souvenirs, beach items, sweets. While many vacationers come in summer there is just a few larger grocery stores, and in the evening at the checkout form long lines.

Since the resort is popular among families with children, there is no shortage of entertainment for little vacationers: running, inline skating, biking, skateboarding and rentals for all equipment, also a small amusement park, trampolines, horse carriages and pony rides.

Šventoji resort is situated on the left bank of the river. There are three bridges. One of them is called "monkey bridge" because it is hung on ropes and moves while walking on it. Children love this attraction a lot. There are many anglers by Šventoji river. If there is a desire you can buy a rod and become one of them.

Šventoji Summer Stage offers various concerts and shows.

There is also a church, police department, medical center, post office, bookstore.


Distance from Palanga International Airport to Šventoji is about 5 km.

The nearest train stations : Klaipeda (37 km to Šventoji) and Kretinga (27 km to Šventoji).

From Klaipėda - the main port of Lithuania, Šventoji -  about 37 km. Šventoji and Klaipeda are connected by highway A13 .
To the north of Šventoji (about 3 km) is a Lithuanian - Latvian border.

Šventoji can be reached by bus - a direct flight or connecting run through Palanga bus station.
Local public transport connects Šventoji, Palanga, Nemirseta, Kunigiškiai, Būtingė.

Klaipeda - osier - Nemirseta - Palanga - KUNIGIŠKIS - Monciskes - Šventoji - Būtingė combines biking trail .

The ferry
Klaipeda (about 42 km. to Šventoji) is the international ferry terminal connecting Klaipeda to the Curonian Spit, which from the Kaliningrad region can be reached by car.


First settlers were known in Šventoji to be 3rd-1st millennium BC. Archaeological excavations in the territory of the Šventoji recovered stone, flint, horny axes, spearheads from that period.

It is believed that around 1000 BC at Šventoji river outfall there was a harbor and a marketplace of local Curonian fishermen.

XIV - XVII century Šventoji was mentioned in Hanseatic merchant routes Kaliningrad - Riga and marked on maps as a port competing with the Klaipeda's. At that time, Šventoji was more significant than Palanga. Šventoji had ship workshops, a Merchant Center, a  fortress and a Park.

XVI - XVIII centuries. English, Dutch and Swedish vessels came to the local dealers to buy grain, furs, honey, and sold iron to manufacturers, salt, wine, herring and weapons.

Foreign ships attended Šventoji port especially intensely in 1632 - 1668 years. The port has become a serious competitor not only to the port of Klaipeda but also to the port of Kaliningrad.

XVI - XVII century. Lithuanian coastal maps already included Heligaw or Heiligen (German ed. " Sanctified ") name of place. Unfortunately, the intrigue and the successful competitors in the Riga port affected the market and trade flows of goods through the port of the Šventoji diminished.

In 1701. During the war of the North, Šventoji port was destroyed.

After the First World War 1923 - 1925 port reconstruction was initiated: piers north and south were built, dredging work was carried out and a narrow-gauge railway was built.

In 1970 . Šventoji was connected to Palanga.

In 1994 . Būtingė, the Šventoji oil terminal was built.

In 2006 . A law for the recovery of the Šventoji port was initiated. In 2011 airport officially reopened .

Sightseeing, Trivia

- Sculpture "Fisherman's Daughters"

In 1982 an impressive 4 meter-tall sculptural composition "Fisherman's daughters" was errected. Three longhaired girls looking at sea waiting for their father returning from fishing.

- Sculpture "Baltic dawn"

A granite sculpture "Baltic dawn" of a woman looking at sea and waiting for dawn can be seen on the southern outskirts of the Šventoji . This 1990 sculpture was in Palanga, but in 2009 was moved to  Šventoji.

- Žemaičių alkas

In 1998 a pagan sacred place in Šventoji was restored. Artists carved wooden pillars to symbolize the white gods: Perkunas, Aušrinė, Austėja, Ondenis, Patrimpas, Patula, Velnias, Lada. At dusk  with these sculptures calendar holidays can be calculated.

- The path for big and small

At Šventoji northern outskirts forester V. Kviklys built a wooden sculpture park trail for grown-ups and children. You can not only see the sculptures made by  folk masters and to take photos of them, but also to have fun and spend time with family on equipped playgrounds for children.

- Šventoji lighthouse

In 1957  in the central part of the village a tall metal structured lighthouse was built. This is a navigational mark which reaches 31km visibility .

- Restplace "Forest for All"

Near Būtingė, towards Lithuanian - Latvian border, was established a resort "Forest for All", which has an equipped playground for children and a fireplace. In the resort a few walking trails lead through the woods : "The trail for large and small ", "Slope of riddles", the Hedgehog trail, Hedgehog pathway and informational - educational forest trail.

- Water Tower

Šventoji concrete tower with 600m3 water tank was built during the Soviet era. It is equipped with a small viewing platform, but tourists are not allowed into the tower.

- Būtingė oil terminal

2 km north of the Šventoji , the operating Būtingė oil terminal is located.

- Šventoji Virgin Mary, Stella Maris Church

The ship resembling Šventoji Blessed Virgin Mary, Stella Maris Church construction began in 1991 . In 2003 was consecrated by bishop J.Boruta and was opened to the religious and tourists.

- Cemetery of the Šventoji

In the eastern part of the village, by the Klaipeda - Liepaja road, lies the Šventoji Forest Cemetery.


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