The grey heron and cormorant colony in Juodkrante

Updated 08 December, 2019
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This is one of the largest and oldest Grey Heron and Cormorant colonies, known in Lithuania. On the edge of the colony, an observation-point is built. Here you will find brief information about the breeding-grounds and birds.

We are truly grateful to all the guests and tourists for visiting the Curonian Spit. Seeking to preserve its unique landscape, we would kindly ask you to:

  • not go down and climb up the slopes of the dunes,
  • visit the reserves only in for this purpose-made spots,
  • drive and park your vehicles only in intended parking-lots,
  • not put your tents and build a fire,
  • not pick and destroy protected plants, not intimidate the birds while breeding and migration,
  • not litter and leave glass containers in the forest.

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