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Updated 15 March, 2017
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All year round Recreation and Rehabilitation Centre "Pusynas" under the Republic of Lithuania Ministry of the Interior (hereinafter – the Centre) is located in the Northern part of Palanga town in a beautiful shelter of nature 100 meters from the sea.

The Centre was established in 1972 and has a great experience in recreation organization. It may accept 210 people for recreation and treatment in summer and 165 people in other seasons.


75 cozy and comfortable rooms, of which 50 double rooms, 8 single rooms, 10 triple rooms, 4 executive class rooms, 3 apartments. In summer time there are summerhouses. In the Centre there is sauna with pool and water cascade, sports field: basketball and two tennis courts, billiard room, car parking site, bar,restaurant, 20-100 places banquet room, and 20, 30 and 150 places conference halls.

Other services provided include Internet network, copying, fax, bicycle rent, etc.

09.03-06.24 06.25-09.02
Single room 
TV, refrigerator, shower, WC
85 LTL 145 LTL
Double room for 2 persons * 
TV, refrigerator, shower, WC
140 LTL 220 LTL
Triple room (two rooms) for 3 persons * 
TV. refrigerator, shower, WC
180 LTL 270 LTL
Executive class room for 2 persons * 
TV, refrigerator, shower, WC
190 LTL 250 LTL
Apartment for 2 persons * 
(two rooms)
250 LTL 300 LTL

* Extra pay for an additional person in summer season:

In apartments: 100 LTL.
In executive class room: 50 LTL.
In double room - 40 LTL
(including breakfast).

  • Hotel room rates include breakfast.
  • 30% discount for children aged 3 to 12.
  • Dinner and supper – 30 LTL per person
  • Orders are taken for various banquets; 20, 30, 150 places conference halls.

Health improvement and rehabilitation treatment

Rehabilitation Department was established in 1993. It provides in-patient and maintenance treatment, repeated rehabilitation II, out-patient rehabilitation I - II treatment for patients from whole Lithuania. Treatment of patients with support-motor apparatus lesions, circulatory disturbances, endocrine, gynecological, kidney diseases is compensated by territorial patient funds. This and health improvement treatment, including all our procedures and doctor consultations are available all weekdays.

Service Price
Commercial treatment program
3 September - 24 June 110,00 LTL *
25 June - 2 September  140,00 LTL *

* One-day treatment price.

Treatment includes: accommodation in a double or triple room with all facilities, three meals, 1 – 2 doctor consultations and three treatment procedures per day. Specialists working and giving consultations in the Centre: physical medicine and rehabilitation, gynecology, endocrinology, cardiology doctors, dietician, nurse diabetologist and other specialists.

Treatment procedures: diet food, manual dry and essential oil massages, underwater, pneumo-pulse, lymphatic drainage, using compression therapy instrument, massages; vertical spinal stretching in a pool with or without sauna, pearl bath with black sea, aromatic eucalyptus, lavender, pine, tea tree, oil salt, two-camera baths with turpentine for feet, Sharko and circular shower; physiotherapy procedures with magnetic field, laser, ultrasound; electro-stimulation, interferential, darsonvalization, diadynamic and other electro-therapy currents, quantum, light, cold therapy; natural mud and paraffin applications; oxygen therapy, inhalations with various composites; kinesitherapy in a hall or pool with various trainers; group relaxation or various individual psychotherapy with music therapy.

The highest category doctors: endocrinologist, cardiologist give consultations on examination, diagnosis and treatment. Programs for individual body weight reduction, heart and vascular system improvement or ischemic disease prevention are created. Please inquire or register for a consultation with the Deputy Director for Rehabilitation, phone (8 460) 41 373 or (8 698) 87 576 or e-mail .

The unique seashore nature with all talasotherapy procedures has a significant positive impact on physical and mental health, restoration of working capacity.

You are invited to come and experience results of this excellent health improvement or treatment process. You are always welcomed by our ingenous and professional staff.


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