Neringa (Curonian spit) history museum in Nida

Updated 10 April, 2020
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On the way to the Museum of Thomas Mann, near the hotel "Nidos Smilte", one can see the modern architecture building, where the Neringa History Museum is established.

Its exhibitions present the Curonian Spit residents crafts, fishing appliances, models of "kurenas" (national type of boat), "kiudelvatis" (barrel shape boat), dragnet and wind mast boats, smelt destroyer and hunting crows, findings at Nida neolith settlement, history of Nida Post Station.

The emphasis of that exposition is the license of Nida Post Station owner F. C. Kuvert, providing the right to produce beer at the post station – pub, the copy (year 1785) and photo – replications and maps reflecting specific character of life of post roads and post stations of European significance.

Other mounts will show you the colors of resort life of Nida in XIX century and the beginning of XX century, everyday life of the residents and the history of old Froese family in Nida which has been of excusive status for several centuries.

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