Educational program in Countryhouse "Eve"

Educational program in Countryhouse Eve - 1

Updated 05 March, 2020

Cognitive, creative education "Signs in the Earth" (sign - sign, footprint, sign, signature, letter to the future). Through play, self-expression, and creativity, to encourage people to take an interest in the world around them, to know and love nature, and to take care of the living environment. Create and leave your own artistic tag for the future. Education is divided into two parts: theoretical and practical:

During the class, you will get acquainted with the history of Lithuania Minor, cultural signs, and natural peculiarities of the old household. Nemunas Delta Regional Park meadow plants, early life, fish of the Minija - everything will be suitable for creating the aesthetic composition, artistic object "A land mark" for the future.
During the workshop, participants prepare the clay plate, evaluate new knowledge, see examples, and choose objects to create their brand. The pieces are composed on a clay plate and stamped. An imprint - a piece of artwork, "A landmark", is placed in a box to dry and goes with the artist.
Education has continuity: the glazing and burning of works.

Education takes place:

Homestead "Eve", Upaičio str. 38, Minija village, Kintai el. Silute district
For details, specific dates, please contact tel. +370 615 20066, +370 616 50640 email or post at 

Duration of education and prices:

For groups of up to 10 people / 45-60 min / 70 €
For group up to 20 people / 60-90 min / 7 € / person
For group up to 30 people / 90-120 min / 6 € / person

Contacts and information

Mingės k., Šilutės r., Minge, Lithuania Map
Phone no.
+370 616 50640

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