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Updated 17 March, 2015
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The infrared electromagnetic waves diffusing in this type of sauna heat the service of the human body up to 4 cm however they do not heat the air too much (about 45-50º C). Similar to staying in the Sun infrared rays impart a body with heat energy, warm tissues, muscles and joints, quicken the circulation of blood and other body liquids. Those who stay in this sauna are exposed to two three times bigger perspiration comparing to the visitors of other types of baths. It is a very suitable place for those intending to loose the weight. Infrared ray sauna is a safe place for both children and the elderly.

Steam-aromatic bath

Especially high humidity (up to 100%) is prevailing in this type of bath. Pleasant warmth (about 48-49ºC) relaxes muscles, airways, improves blood circulation, refreshes and cleans skin. This is a healing bath for those who have various breathing problems. Pleasant aromas used in the bath raise the mood and create the special atmosphere.

Whirling bath, swimming-pool

Additionally you are welcome to enjoy our 4,5 m long swimming pool and whirlpool. Aqua treatment improves metabolism and general inner state. Whirlpool streams intensively massage muscles while soft water spatter helps to relax and calm down as well as to recover the strenghts after your busy day.


    Eliminates your aching muscles, tumescence, articular inflexibility, arthritis, untimely ageing, relieves stiff and flabby muscles, osteochondrosis, cellulite, etc.
    Strengthens immunity, stimulates liquid ooze, eliminates liquid stasis in tissues, activates oxygen assimilation process, reduces systole frequency and arterial pressure.
    Reduces tiredness, eliminates sleep disturbances, strengthens immunity, activates resistance to stress; it is also recommended for those having various psychosomatic disturbances such as hypertension, angina pectoris, stomach ulcer, diabetes, etc.
    Loosens hypodermic fatty tissue, reduces cellulite.


  • Peeling massage
  • Detoxicating body wrapping procedure (peeling ,seaweed mask, shower and massage)
  • Body firming wrapping procedure (peeling, shower and massage)
  • White pearl moisturizing body treatment (Thai ritual + body peeling using pearl powder + wrapping + spraying with Dead sea water. The white pearl therapy ensures intensive moisturizing of skin and eases oxygen penetration into the tissues)


  • Therapy of blue-green weed “Spirulina” (Demake-up, peeling, soft message, weed mask and cream). Spirulina weed mask has a cleansing effect: it absorbs noxious materials and skin impurities, regenerates and stimulates blood circulation, nourishes and strains hypodermic connective tissue and provides vitality to the skin.
  • Healing therapy of ground and aloe (Demake-up, peeling, soft message and mask). The mask made of natural products balances, stimulates the regeneration of the harmed tissues, eliminates toxins which cause stress and tention and perfectly nourishes skin.
  • Anti-wrinkle face treatment with a skin lifting effect using soy extract (Demake-up, peeling, anti-wrinkle message and wrinkle soothing stiffening programme).The procedure eliminates unpleasant tesion in the skin, improves skin resilience, elasticity and tonus. A pure micro-dermoxin eliminates mimic and age wrinkles, rejuvenates face, protects from new wrinkles and antimely skin droop process.
  • Face nourishing treatment with fruit and vegetable extract (Demake-up, peeling, soft message and mask). The treatment strengthens the protective skin layer. The skin is nourished and becomes stiffer, smoother and younger. The procedure gives a pleasant sensation of freshness and comfort.
  • Anticuperosis (Demake-up, bio fito peeling, soft message, serum, mask and cream). Its purpose is to decrease blood-vessel intensity and to eliminate redness from the face skin.
  • Royal pearl treatment for face and body (Thai ritual + body peeling using pearl powder + wrapping + face demake-up + peeling using pearl powder + serum + message + black pearl mask + spraying with the Dead see water).

Contacts and information

  • Address S. Daukanto g. 21, Palanga, Lithuania
  • Phone no. +370 460 41 433
  • E-mail info@alka.lt
  • Website http://www.alka.lt
  • Open all Year Round
  • Bank cards available

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