Zuvele, fisherman's inn

Updated 25 March, 2020
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"Žuvelė" is a fresh fish restaurant, located in Juodkrante on the shore of the lagoon, the visitors have loved it for more than a decade. The menu is dominated by dishes from the local fresh sea and lagoon fish, offering quality fish dishes, traditional fish soup, hatching from three species of fish, smoked eel in jelly, lounder, flounder and more.

You will also find meat, grill and children's favorite dishes. We offer to enjoy locally produced desserts, fruity fruit and berry cocktails, natural juices. We have something to offer vegetarians, vegans or people who are intolerant to certain products.

In the area of "Žuvelė", there is a smokehouse smoked every day by the fish caught by our fishermen and sea fish, so they can always be fresh and tasty. Smoked bream, eel, mackerel, perch and other fish are smoked here. The children have a colorful playground with a stylized boat, a skating rink, swings, a trampoline and a sandbox.

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