Boat "Venus" - original choice for your celebrations

Updated 19 April, 2016
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Boat VENUS – for fabulous celebrations!

There is no other boat like this in Lithuania – a big and impressive passenger boat „Venus“ can take up to 200 people and it sails from Klaipeda to the Sea Gate, Smiltine, Juodkrante, Nida and Minge. The ship is a great venue to organize all kind of events – weddings, birthdays, corporate parties, sightseeing cruises around the Curonian Lagoon, fishing and disco nights. The boat “Venus” is an original and out-of-the-box choice for your special day!  

Maximum number of passengers: 200

Routes from Klaipeda:

    to the Sea Gate - 0,5 hour of sailing

    to Juodkrante - 2 hours or sailing

    to Nida - 4 hours of sailing

    to Minge - 5 hours or sailing

    sightseeing criuse around the port of Klaipeda - about 1,5 hour

* One way sailing duration

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